We provide complete solution in Power distribution on turnkey basis for Rural Electrifications projects




  • Meter Reading & Bill Distribution
  • Bringing in change & transparency in billing operations
  • On-Spot Billing Solution
  • Creating a viable solution to complex billing procedures


Innovation has helped us to deliver solutions in the areas of metering and billing for power distribution companies (DISCOMs). Our process interventions have ensured that DISCOMs follow a fool-proof system of electronic data transfer of meter readings to a centralized on-spot bill processing unit, thereby effectively plugging revenue leakages.

Our services include:


  • Meter Reading & Bill Distribution: Reading meters using Android OS enabled mobile devices with photographs and GPS tagging. Bill distribution is done manually.
  • On-Spot Billing Solution: Meters are billed using Android devices and then printed onsite using portable thermal printers.



The mobile GIS-based system of meter reading and billing follows a three fold process that includes a survey for customer identification, validated meter reading, and updated billing.

  • Consumer Survey Process
  • Meter Reading Process
  • Bill Distribution Process
  • Reporting Process


Benefits of using Mobile Base Technology for Meter Reading:


  • Updating the Meter Reading using Android Mobile Device
  • Improving Lead time
  • Scalability
  • Cost Effectiveness – ROI
  • Reliability




  • Photograph proof with Geo tagging / GIS data
  • Backend Validation System thru a Web application
  • Data Centre for uploading meter reading data
  • High speed and automated system



This service is performed on remote handheld devices that connect to a secure middleware server, which authenticates each device and facilitates access to data. The meter reading is captured on the application for validation, processing and generation of each consumer bill, which is then printed via a bluetooth printer carried by the staff. The data is updated on the server along with the image of the meter units, and serial number, and GPS coordinates.


In the online mode, the mobile acts as a transparent unit and all the communication is done on real time basis with the servers and consumer data being updated after the bill generation on the server. In the offline mode the route and the customer data for the day is downloaded on GPRS mode to the device and based on the availability of network the data is updated back to the server.