EnerQ  offer’s solution-driven maintenance services focusing on minimising maintenance costs,minimizing auxiliary power consumption and optimizing plant availability and run the power plant in a safe & most economical manner. We cater to to several industry segments including power generation, ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing, engineering, and oil and gas. With trained work force and extensive diversified geographical presence we currently offer professional services to major corporate industries in India.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) experience:


Rendering industrial asset management solutions as a whole


Preventive Maintenance
Enhancing the longevity of equipment through timely intervention


Value Added Services
Providing diverse value & meeting corporate needs at the right cost. Conditioning monitoring of various critical plants and equipments. Our focus is on minimizing maintenance costs and optimizing plant availability, with the emphasis on safety. We firmly believe in maintaining an absolutely safe working environment. Towards this end, our Safety Department continuously trains, motivates and audits the sites where our employees work. This is facilitated by well-established systems, procedures, manuals and work instructions. We also extend our support services to pre-commissioning, erection and commissioning of power plants, and shutdown services. We provide clients with performance-based operation and maintenance services or only maintenance services on a turnkey basis—all of which result in:


  • Optimum plant availability
  • Minimization of maintenance cost
  • Optimization of inventory
  • Reduced downtime and surprise breakdowns


Erection and Commissioning of Balance of Plant (BOP) on turnkey basis:

We are able to achieve highest level of OEM performance as our solutions are based on our own vast experience in the industry and we use the following tools to sharpen our performance